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Unbinding Your Inner Lilith

The Twelve Week Master Key Program for Sexual Liberation

Did your body tense up with resistance when you read the title of this course?

You are not alone in that sensation. Many people fear the idea of working with Lilith's energy. Most do not realize that she is the first wild woman to refuse to submit during sexual pleasure. It is because she declined that the world vilified her as a demonic entity.


This twelve-week program will be held inside of its own private Facebook group. The content will remain in this group until two weeks after the program has ended, at which time the group will close its doors.

Here is the outline of the modules we will be covering over the next 12 weeks as we dive deep into sexual healing, liberation, and pleasure. 

Module One: Meditation & Reflection in Meeting Lilith 

Module Two: Foundations in Consent & Healthy Sexual Boundaries in Your Relationships

Module Three: Self-Worth and Sexual Healing

Module Four: Creatrix Energy Tapping into Your Sexual Power Portals

Module Five: The Wild Feminine Flow of Giving & Receiving Arousal & Pleasure

Module Six: The Power of Body & Breath Work

Module Seven: Creating Orgasmic Bliss & Sex Magick

Module Eight: Sex Magick 101 for Solo & Partnered Energy

Module Nine: Release

Module Ten: Reflection Week

Module Eleven: Rebirth & Renewal

Module Twelve: Graduation & Celebration Week



Early Bird Pricing Ends on Saturday, January 9, 2021, at 6:00 pm PST.

Afterward, the pricing for this Master Key will rise to $1111.

Early Bird $888
Three Payments of $300