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The Sanctuary

Welcome to The Sanctuary; I created this space online for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of sexual magick, witchcraft, and healing from trauma. 

What can you expect from joining The Sanctuary?

  • New Moon Ritual Workshops For Each Lunar Cycle of the Year

  • Full Moon Ritual Workshops For Each Lunar Cycle of the Year.

  • Sabbats Celebration / Circle Access.

  • Gain Early Access to All Upcoming Workshops & Events.

  • Also Deep Discounts on All Upcoming Workshops & Events.

  • Exclusive Members Only Content

  • Guided Meditation Series 3x a Month.

  • 3 Monthly Sigil Activation Codes & Ritual Work

  • After Your 3rd Consecutive Month of Membership in Good 

  • Standing Receive a 1:1 Customized Ritual Workshop ($125 Val).

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