Welcome to The Temple of The Sexually Empowered Witch; I created this space online for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of sexual magick, witchcraft, and healing from trauma. 

I am a Sexual Empowerment Witch, Certified as a Sexual Health Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Womb Priestess, and EFT & TFT (Emotional Freedom Technique & Thought Field Therapy) Practitioner.

I have spent over a decade building a strong career in Sexual Health, Body Confidence for Women, and Relationship Coaching for Couples. Over the years, my work has focused on genital armoring and energy blocks in the body that prohibits us from enjoying sexual pleasure. I then realized it was time to start incorporating healthy ritual work on self-care practices using an eclectic variety of holistic healing modalities. Which has lead to the energetic pregnancy of this container, a school, no sanctuary for witches to find womb healing. To embrace their inner badass power, they may stand tall again, reconnect to the spiritual center, and their sexual magick.

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