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Welcome to the Sanctuary of the Sexually Empowered Witch!

Are you ready to fundamentally transform your sex life, own your self-worth, and reconnect to your inner witch?

The Sanctuary is my online membership where I teach you Everything you need to know to deepen your spiritual practice. Connecting to your inner sexual magick helps to face your shadow work by harnessing the power from within to heal your internal trauma.

What if You Could...

Determine precisely how to use your body's energy alongside the moon phases and the cycling seasons of change.
Dig deep into the healing and holistic methods of shadow work. The ugly crying and the refusal to bottle and suppress/ repress the emotions inside create dis-easements in the body from carrying the heavy emotional weight.
You will not learn LOVE & LIGHT in this membership. That is toxic positivity, and it has no place in genuinely finding healing in your shadow.
Learn how to connect with your spiritual guides through guided meditations. 
Discover how to use your crystals, candles, herbs, and inner sex magick safely and in a supportive environment without judgment, fear, and shame.
Release that overwhelming feeling in the mind and the gut from the massive amounts of conflicting information on the internet. 
Find a more profound sense of belonging and form lasting friendships with people like you.
There is no right way to be a witch, a healer, a mother, a father, or a friend. 
This membership is my way as an eclectic, kitchen, conjuring witch with over three decades of learning and growing her craft as a Sex Educator who sees a vital need in my community for education on sacred sexuality, magick, relationships, energy work, and life. 

I am honored to share this space in such an authentic and vulnerable way with all of you. 

Let's have a challenging conversation; If you are here reading this page, something is missing in life for you. It's why you are still scrolling down, reading further into the work. 

Let's talk about the top three reasons my clients step into my world for this work.

Reason #1: Sexless Relationships & Low Self-Worth

In this season of life, you can feel it on a soul level—the dryness of lackluster sex life. Sometimes it is due to issues within the relationship lacking intimacy and connection to another. Other times it is deeply rooted in self-worth. When my clients step into my world, they are exhausted and feel a deep sense of sexual shame. This stems from underlying issues with genital armoring and inner child work around sacred sexuality how this emotional dis-easement is held and processed inside the body.

Reason #2: Suppressed/ Repressed Spiritual Gifts

Empaths, Woo Goddess, Healers, Witches, and Wildlings, I am looking at you! In this space, We talk about inner knowing. Those spiritual gifts excite the body when we walk into a room full of people and immediately feel drained, exhausted, and low vibration. That dreaded mantra so many empaths still at the beginning stages of self-awareness profess. 

"This is a Curse, a Heavy Burden."

Everyone is born with several spiritual gifts; we all have a sense of north. The inner awareness, the gut check when something "feels off." Spirituality is a muscle. It must be trained and worked daily. Empaths tend to absorb the world around them like a sponge until we can no longer carry it. My clients learn how to assert healthy boundaries and to understand healthy ways of releasing and decompressing methods.

Reason #3: Judgment, Disappointment, and Fear

How did it feel inside your body to read those three triggering words? I see you, and I can relate to that body response to those three words.

The Sanctuary can help you lean into the Fear and experience a breakthrough in exercising your spiritual muscles. 
Think of this Sanctuary like a metaphysical gym helping you to work every muscle and every spiritual gift. 
Discover more about your Creatrix energy. Learn about Energetic Pregnancy and how to stand tall in your full power as a Sexually Empowered Witch.
... and learn about some other cool stuff too!
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What Makes Me Qualified to Help You?

I am a Sexual Empowerment Witch, Certified as a Sexual Health Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Womb Priestess, and EFT & TFT (Emotional Freedom Technique & Thought Field Therapy) Practitioner.

I have spent over a decade building a strong career in Sexual Health, Body Confidence for Women, and Relationship Coaching for Couples. Over the last few years, my work has shifted to an intentional focus on Energy Work, Sex Magick, Body & Breathwork, and Sexual Pleasure. I then realized it was time to start incorporating healthy ritual work on self-care practices using an eclectic variety of holistic healing modalities. This has led to my more in-depth dive into integrating spirituality into my work's more massive body.

 As a solitary practitioner of witchcraft and feminine shamanism for over 30 years, It just feels aligned to share this side of myself in my workspace. 


To embrace their inner badass power, they may stand tall again, reconnect to the spiritual center, and their sexual magick.

Here is a list of places where my work has been featured:

For this work, you may find my articles on Witch with Me alongside my podcast. More Collaborations are lining up as they unfold in alignment with my work.

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