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Welcome to The Sanctuary of the Sexually Empowered Witch!

Are you ready to fundamentally transform your sex life, own your self-worth, and reconnect to your inner witch?

Have you recently experienced a spiritual awakening and are currently looking for guidance and support? Do you feel like you are overwhelmed by the amount of information available on the internet about Sexuality, Spirituality, and Witchcraft? Are you looking for ways to celebrate the moon's phases and understand how they affect our natural cycle? Would you like to learn how to remove old energy cords that no longer serve you? If you have said yes, then my dear witch, you are in the right spot.


I don't know about you, but I'm somewhat disappointed in the amount of incorrect information on the internet about Sex Magick, Sexual Health, and Witchcraft.


The Sanctuary is my online coven. It is a safe space for all genders to learn, grow and develop into the witches they will become. You don't have to learn a secret handshake or a weird dance to sit with us.


Come as You are and Leave as You May.


Spend a year and a day learning about the pagan holidays, how they were once celebrated, and ways you can incorporate the craft into your everyday lifestyle. 


Witchcraft itself is not a religion; it is a way of life. 


We will not ask you to pray to any god, goddess, or universal source. That's not our place! What will be taught is connecting to your spiritual guides and ancestors and building a foundation of daily, weekly, seasonal, and annual ritual-based practices to enrich your life. 


Connect to your inner Sexually Liberated Witch, learn how to breath more profoundly into your body, and harness your inner sexual magick to create a life you love.


This online membership has two tiers:

The Wildling Membership is designed for those who wish to learn about the moon's phases, energy work, basic candle magick. Learn how to build your book of shadows. Learn how to create a crystal & herbal grimoire. This membership is designed to help you understand the basics of eclectic witchcraft

The Sovereign Witch Membership is designed for the advanced witch looking to connect more to the energetic body of sexual magick & healing body trauma. Includes all content from The Wildling tier, along with more advanced practices.

The Sanctuary of the Sexually Empowered

What if You Could...

Determine precisely how to use your body's energy alongside the moon phases and the cycling seasons of change.

Dig deep into the healing and holistic methods of shadow work. The ugly crying and the refusal to bottle and suppress/ repress the emotions inside create dis-easements in the body from carrying the heavy emotional weight.

You will not learn LOVE & LIGHT in this membership. That is toxic positivity, and it has no place in genuinely finding healing in your shadow.

Learn how to connect with your spiritual guides through guided meditations. 

Discover how to use your crystals, candles, herbs, and inner sex magick safely and in a supportive environment without judgment, fear, and shame.

Release that overwhelming feeling in the mind and the gut from the massive amounts of conflicting information on the internet. 

Find a more profound sense of belonging and form lasting friendships with people like you.

This membership is my way as an eclectic, kitchen, conjuring witch with over three decades of learning and growing her craft as a Sex Educator who sees a vital need in my community for education on sacred sexuality, magick, relationships, energy work, and life. 
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