Hekate's Journey.JPG
Hekate's Journey Activation

For the Spiritualist, Witch, Healer looking to deepen their connection to the other planes.

Dream Walker.jpg
Dream Walker Activation

For the Healer, Psychic Medium Looking to explore Lucid Dreaming.

Samhain Activation

For those wishing to honor and connect with their ancestors during this sacred time of year.

Release Activation

Ideally during times of emotional and spiritual releasing work. Use after cord cutting rituals during a Full Moon if possible.

Manifest Activation

Ideally used to inspire the creative space between. Best used during a New Moon for intention settings and energetic pregnancies.

Sorceress Activation

Find Your Mojo, you wild creature with Sorceress. She will help you put on that lipstick and those tall heels, Stand tall in your power again and remember who the fuck you are!