Salt Soak Activation: Release

To Activate the Release Salt Soak

For Mundane Use:

Place 1 TBSP in a warm bath remove all distraction no phone, or people. relax your body and let your mind calm down. Notice the way your body feels and the tingling in your palms and soles of feet start to activate. Submerge the entire body at least one time for a complete activation. This mixture pulls dis-easements from the body. Scrolled down further to read the history for a better understanding.



For Ritual Use:

Prepare your Bath the same way as above. ( ideally, this should be done during a full moon which is in my humble opinion the best time to release what no longer serves us.)

Next, I want you to think about what you are releasing,

  • Is it emotions?

  • Have you recently perform a releasing ritual such as a cord-cutting?

  • How does your body feel?

Next, you will add your favorite candles in the appropriate colors. You may empower them with sigils. Or create sigils on paper and place them somewhere you can view while in the bath. Power statements such as, "Today I am Going to Release..." Drawl in your circle of sacred space and call in your Spirit Guides.


Listen to your body, and your breath, when you feel ready to submerge underwater to activate completely. As you take a moment underwater feel the dis-easements leaving from your portals: nose, mouth, ears, vagina, penis, and anus areas. Also, feel and acknowledge the difference in your chakra alignment.


Come up for air and feel the elemental energies around your body in the water. The fire of candles, the water around you, the air inside you, and the earth beneath your body. Your hands and feet should tingle, activation is complete.


Make sure to rinse your body well, and mind the rose petals and herbs not going down the drain. Make sure to thank your Spirit Guides and Release your circle and complete your bath.


What's In My Salt Soaks:

Each batch is made with a little variation depending on my roses in the garden, and the oils and herbs on hand.

So here is my best explanation of the ingredients used:

Dried Rose Petals from my Garden

Dried Herbs such as:

  • Lavender

  • Thyme

  • Hibiscus

  • Mint

  • Spearmint

  • Chamomile

  • Peppermint

*Again Small variations depending on what's in my garden.

  • Blends of Epson Salt Mixture

  • Almond Oil & Shea Butter

Each Batch of Release is also tuned with Solfeggio Frequencies in my own unique way. The frequencies for Release Salt Soak Include:

  • The liberation of Fear & Guilt

  • DNA Repair & Activations

  • Foundational Tones

  • Awakening Intuition



The History of My Salt Soaks is Simple

During my time spent with my clients, I saw a real need for the physical aftercare of releasing rituals. These Salt Soaks were designed to help the body release physically the emotional blocks we carry in our bodies from stress.


To Be Clear & My Disclaimer:

The Release Salt Soak is meant to support the removal of dis-easements. Which can be defined as energetic blocks, trapt energy, emotional bottling, and the side effects of trauma-related injuries. This is not a snake oil wonder cure for the disease. That is something entirely different which requires modern medicine from licensed professionals



If you feel you need professional help from a licensed care provider please seek that service elsewhere. I am not the correct fit for what you are looking for.



In closing, it is my deepest wish for you dear customer, client, wildling that my release salt soaks help you rest, reflect, and recharge in a safe space.


I would love to hear your testimonials of this product, please feel free to find and tag me on Instagram & Facebook.