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" I had my first reading ever from Amanda and she's simply amazing. Her heart is bigger than her body. Her kindness, love, and spirit radiate in every reading and post I've seen.

Talking to her for the first time or even just a first listen to a life you feel how much she loves what she does for others.

My first reading was very emotional because she hit right on the heart of what was going on with me internally. she helped me realize some very important things about myself.

No matter if you choose her readings or teachings, you will not be disappointed."

- Kimberly S., Wild Woman

"I cannot say enough good things about Amanda Hillsdale with a heart of gold. 

She is such an amazing woman so professional yet beyond loving and friendly. 

Amanda is very honest and open about things and gets down to business. I highly recommend her and her business."

- Amanda T., Game Changer

I had the most inspiring Tarot reading done with Amanda. She was amazing!

She was spot on and picked up things that amazed me and had me in tears.

Good tears. I definitely recommend her!

- Nikki B.,

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