* A Master Key is a program designed to help you expand your transformative journey across several months. While a Sanctuary Key is a course designed for a few hours up to a 3 day span packed with information. 
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The Sanctuary of The Sexually Empowered Witch

The Sanctuary for the Sexually Empowered Witch is my online membership program. The Sanctuary's Mission is to empower, educate, and provide mentorship to those on the journey of a spiritual awakening.

Descending Into ShadowWork

In this six-week mastermind, we as a group will be diving into shadow work together.

During our time, we will be exploring our shadow self to call in self-awareness for acknowledging our body trauma, processing where it's blocking our energy, and how to incorporate healthy healing modalities.


Please click the button below for a full description of this program.

Master Your Intuition & Empathy

Does your Intuition & Empathy feel more like a curse than a blessing? Then this program is for you. 

In this 1:1 weekly coaching program, you and I will spend time in a video chat discussing ways to harness your Intuition & Empathy.


Learn how to Chanel your energy not to be drained when you walk into a room full of people.  

Earn how to identify & magnify the beautiful spirit guides you have inside of you tucked away dormant.

We will spend six weeks accessing and developing your Intuition & Empathy Skills.


*Weekly payment plans are available if needed. Please fill out the contact form under the resource tab.

The Breakup Workbook

Wild Sexual Empowerment Witch, Conjuring Queen with Consent, because Consent, is fucking Sexy!

This service is earmarked for any conjuring & apothecary services that may come up.

  • Some examples that fall under this space:

  • Home Blessing Ritual Blends

  • Sexual Magick Ritual Blends

  • Career Blends

Empowerment Blends

Teas, Herbs, Oils, and more! 

If what you need is not listed above, reach out, and let's chat about it.

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