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Sex & Relationship Coaching

I am so happy to find you here in the Sex & Relationship Coaching Section of my website.


So let's talk about this for a moment. I want you to take a deep breath then read the bullet points below:

  • Do you suffer from Low Libido?

  • Are you in a Sexless Marriage or Relationship?

  • Do you enjoy physical intimacy with your partner or shy away?

  • Do you have areas of your body that go numb?

  • Maybe you are not able fully to achieve an orgasm.

  • Do you feel shame around sex, topics of sex, and/ or intimacy?

Did your body tense up reading my bullet points? If so, then this service is meant for you. During our first phone consultation, you and I will video chat over a cup of coffee. I want to see your eyes as we talk. So much is said in the nonverbal communication with our eyes. 

In this video chat, you and I will discuss what is coming up for you around sex, sexual intimacy, masturbation, and connection in your relationships.


We will cover the goals, and milestones before deciding on which program is the best fit for you.

  • Level 1 program meeting Biweekly for 6 months  or 1 year 

  • Level 2 program meeting Weekly for 6 months or 1 year


Clients who have worked with me in the past will rave about a couple of things surrounding me and my work.

  • Confidentially, Integrity, and Consent are Sexy & Required!

  • I have a warm, loving no-nonsense personality.

  • I promise to always tell you what you need to hear, even in moments when it may not be what you what to hear. It will however be everything you need to hear in alignment with what's coming up.  

If this feels like I am the right energy to help you on your personal journey in discovery sexual & orgasmic bliss again, then please click on the booking button to get started today!

Spiritual Development Coaching

If you have scrolled past my Sex & Relationship Coaching service and landed here in Spiritual Development Coaching and scratched your head I get it.

This service was designed for the Spiritualist, Witch, Woo, Mystical Being they all really translate to The Wild Calling you Home.

 My Spiritual Development Coaching is for the Empath, the Psychic, the Healing Hands, the Spirit Walker, to name a few. If you connect to people, spirits, and energy work then this program is best for you.

Learn how to develop your own natural gifts already inside of you. I am only the guide, the vessel, the wild witch in the woods who requires payment for lessons taught. Think of me as a Baba Yaga, (minus the cannibalism that's NOT my workspace.) Who will challenge you to grow and transform into the full potential of whom you were meant to become?

This service is also earmarked for Akashic Journeys, Past Live Regression, and DNA Activation. Helping you to step into your full BadAss Power again. With the help of my spiritual guides and yours.

Adult Toy Concierge Services

Although my non-disclosure contracts have expired I still honor the space of this work. (Therefore, I do not have a gallery or portfolio I am willing to share.) Over a decade of experience as a Sex Toy Educator & Expert - Yep, true story I was even on PlayBoy Radio for over a 1 1/2 years as a Sex Toy & Intimacy Expert. Anywho... Concierge Services

I have built several kinky playrooms for clients ranging from spank benches, human restraint systems, sensory deprivation play, to Toy Boxes Filled withs Lots, and lots of Sex Toys. From vanilla to wild kink and everything in between. (Everything that is legal and moral. Let's just make sure that shit really fucking clear!)


What can I say aside from I have lived a great life I love.

I have added a limited amount of Sex Toy Products to my website. If you do not see what you are looking for book this service. The $75 will count towards your purchase.

Witch's Apothecary Services

Wild Sexual Empowerment Witch, Conjuring Queen with Consent, because Consent, is fucking Sexy!

This service is earmarked for any conjuring & apothecary services that may come up.

  • Some examples that fall under this space:

  • Home Blessing Ritual Blends

  • Sexual Magick Ritual Blends

  • Career Blends

Empowerment Blends

Teas, Herbs, Oils, and more! 

If what you need is not listed above, reach out, and let's chat about it.

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