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Find Your Voice, Find Your Power
Soma | Luna | Sovereignty

Soma: Where do you feel this in the body?
Luna: What sensations come up for you as you hear it?
Sovereignty: Embodied action & Integration to find your voice & your power again.

I am here to ignite that wild f**king burning fire within you! 

That Wild Woman, That Sovereign Witch, That Magically Stevie Nicks Woman who is buried lost, abandoned, and forgotten after years of suppression, and she has labeled herself as "Too Much."


If you are tired of spinning your wheels in place and want to step into radical self-love and healing and learn how to rewire your energetic frequency to magnetize the life you've always desired, I'm here for it.


Let's Have a Hard Conversation for Most

Many women I work with have experienced sexual assault, and generational and sexual trauma blocks them from moving forward in many aspects of their lives. I have so much respect for this very tender space, as I, too, have walked through these experiences. I understand what it takes to navigate through genital armoring, body blocks, and shadow work that comes with this work. 


My Coaching Services are Pretty Straightforward. 

I offer Coaching as a 12 week commitment based on the four elements framework Water, Earth, Air, Fire using a combination of Somatic Practice, NLP, Feminine Energetics, and Sexual Health Knowledge.

During our time together, we will have bi-weekly meetings to review the elements and teach integrative techniques to help you clear out the blocks and replace them with new anchored energy.

Here is What the Framework will Look and Feel Like 

My 1:1 Personal Coaching containers are 12 weeks long; during this time, we have a set weekly meeting via zoom. 

  • Weeks 1-3 water elements and emotions in the body, mind, and soul. This block is all about discovering your roots. What are the stories you have learned in life that have shaped you into who you are today?

  • Weeks 4-6 earth elements shadow work & body trauma. This block is about reconnecting to your kinetic muscles and body. What sensations or blockages do you feel in your body as we work together? Creating healthy bodywork exercises to move through what is coming up for you.

  • Weeks 7-9 air elements mindset & growth. Manifestation is so much more than lighting a candle and holding a crystal. In this block of weeks, we talk about our mindset and the energetic frequencies we are aligned with.

  • Weeks 10-12 fire elements embodied actions & integration work. During this phase of our time together, you learn how to integrate everything you have learned up to this point and start creating a life you fall deeply in love with again. Radical self-love 

We spend the 12th week celebrating You! 


Our work together is sacred & transformative. 


If my work calls to you, please continue with the link below and fill out the coaching application. I will email you back within 1-2 business days to schedule a time for us to meet via zoom to review your coaching application during our call. We will also discuss pricing and create any necessary payment plans. 


Due to the nature of my work, I do not offer any refunds on coaching services, tarot readings, online programs, courses, or any physical products.

Not quite ready for personal coaching but still wanting to learn?

I also offer a Monthly / Annual Membership Plan to unlock access to all of my online courses, programs, and even weekly tarot readings in a mastermind-style group with other like-minded women. Learn More about The Sovereign Witch Membership by Clicking the Link Below