Sex & Relationship Coaching



Amanda has facilitated change for multiple 1:1 clients, helping them transform their sex lives fundamentally, own their self-worth, and rediscover their inner witch, wildling, and woo goddess. If you want vital results, you've come to the right place.


Amanda's unique coaching style combines sex education, energy work, spirituality, and mindset to help you make the changes subconsciously to achieving an orgasmic life you love again. She combines her knowledge as a Certified Sexual Health Coach, Womb Priestess, EFT & TFT Practitioner, and Solitary Witch with over three decades of experience. 


Sex & Relationship Coaching helps the Modern Witch Reconnect to their Spirituality and Inner Sex Magick so they may find healing. 

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The Sexually Empowered Witch

In this sacred 1:1 Personal Coaching container, you and I will work together on facilitating transformative work in your personal & professional life. My work calls to you because you understand from an intuitive place deep within your body that your creatrix energy is currently blocked. 

Let us explore a couple of examples of how your energy may be blocked:
  • At the end of the day, your mind, body, and soul Are exhausted and overwhelmed. You are so physically drained and tired you have nothing left for anyone, especially yourself.

  • You have a Low Libido, Lack of physical, emotional, and sexual intimacy with yourself and your partner.

  • You may identify as an empath, or maybe this is your first time hearing this term.

  • When you walk into a room full of people, you find the person in pain or "feel" needs help.

  • Everyone around you knows you are the pillar of strength, and they never really reach out to check on you because you are so strong.

  • You are an ultra-independent person, and It's easier for you to do it rather than asking for help and risk disappointment in the help you may not even receive.

  • When you do have moments of sexual intimacy, it's challenging to connect your body. You are in your head so much, your body feels numb, and you must overwork to reach orgasm.


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Welcome to My

 Coaching Services 

How many of these critical points hit home for you?

I understand this life well. As a motherless daughter and exploring my path into sex education, energy work, spirituality, sex magick, genital armoring, shadow work, and body trauma, I get it!

The road to healing is not an easy one; it is vital to your continued growth during your time here on this earth.


Now let us explore how our time together will look and feel.


Our first step is to remove the mask you wear for society to feel accepted, loved, and approval. We begin this work by diving deeply into the Shadow work, or the Shadow Self, to uncover the roots of your inner child trauma that makes you crave the love, approval, and support you may not have received as a child.


After exploring self-awareness around your shadows, and the body trauma that your cellular memory is holding onto, we then work on healthy rituals and healing modalities to help you gain confidence in yourself again.

You will be able to identify toxic relationships, learning how to set healthy boundaries, and stopping overextending your energy to the point of physical exhaustion.

Learn how to breathe again and feel present in your physical body. After this beautiful layer, we will then work towards more physical aspects and explore the sexual energy and sexual magick. Learning how to breathe and be present in your body understands who you are and what you want in this world.

I believe that it is my work to hold a safe space for you to find healing. As you regain your strength in body, mind, and soul, I will guide and care for you.


Our work is complete when you no longer need my guidance, and I look forward to the days we stand together as friends.