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Reclaiming Our Wild, Witch, and Woman

Are you craving a sense of belonging, community, and connection? 

Come Howl at the Moon with US inside The Coven.

Hello My Gorgeous Sovereign Witch, Wild Woman, and Healer,

I am Amanda Hillsdale, and I call myself The Sexual Empowerment Witch. My mission is to help women who have experienced sexual trauma and religious percussion and feel lost in their lives wild storm find their voice and power again. 


You can click on my about me section to learn more about my story; it's essential in how it has shaped the work I am currently doing. You can also learn more about what it means to be The Sexual Empowerment Witch.


For now, let's shift back to why you are here. 


You have always been a firm friend, the pillar of strength and support in your community. To the outside world, you project power and are ultra-independent. You tend to focus on the needs of everyone around you to the point of overstretching and exhaustion.


Something has recently stirred within you, and it bubbles up to the surface. Maybe one of these fits:

  • You walk into a room full of people and are instantly drawn to the pain and sadness you feel for someone, thinking, " I need to help this person."

  • Maybe, something triggered an old memory for you from your childhood, and you were stuck, scared, angry, and lost in pain.

  • Or perhaps you have woken up spirituality. You see or hear spirits talking to you and feel you cannot share this shit with anyone. 

  • You have been raised as a motherless daughter. Either by the absence of an emotionally nurturing mother or by a mother who competes with her child.

  • You have religious trauma from family, community, or church. (I'm not knocking any path here, just acknowledging the Shadows and pains we don't talk about enough in life.) 

  • Maybe you've reached a space in life where you feel lost or disconnected. From the person you used to be, or dare I even say, the person you wanted to be and never was. ( Not a gut punch, just another nod, I see you, I feel you, and I was you at some point.)

If any part of this list resonates with you, we should chat. 


Here is what I have to offer: I teach witchy women how to breathe in their bodies, meditate, and listen to the somatic awareness of their bodies. ( What is somatic awareness? I have a blog post on it, and you can read more about it here.) I also help guide them to radical self-acceptance as they reclaim the words wild, witch, and sexual liberation.

We discuss the moon's phases, energy, spirits, and everything needed to evolve into a blossoming and thriving person.


My education and training come from multiple areas, including sex education, genital armoring, trauma-informed coaching, NLP, EFT & TFT tapping, somatic practitioner, and witchcraft. I talk about Sex Magick, too, teaching how to tap into your body to find healing, raise self-awareness, and manifest the f*k out of your life. (yes, I am one of those types who will drop an f-bomb too)


The world is a crazy place, and I know a lot of online content clutches its pearls at the idea of sex magick, witches, and witchcraft, assuming the worst of the worst.


Let's be honest; If you have ever masturbated, been emotionally or physically intimate with yourself or someone else, you've practiced sex magick. ( I also have a blog on that subject; check it out here.) 


You don't know darkness without light, and you cannot have light without some darkness. 


Now that you have an idea of this work and my energy, if my words here have touched on something, let's connect. 

Katie B, Tacoma, WA

Amanda’s Tarot Review

I have received a few readings from Amanda, and they were all FABULOUS! Amanda has an incredible sense of uncovering the issues that I have a habit of sweeping under the wrong, and simply not thinking about. She has very gently, but directly, given me advice and guidance on a few tough, somewhat personal subjects in a group reading. I am generally a very private person and felt very at ease with the way Amanda shared my reading in the group setting, she is very respectful of boundaries. 

During my first reading, Amanda gave me specific advice for a toxic work situation I was in at the time – a situation that she really knew nothing about, yet she was able to give me physical descriptions of the people that I was surrounded with. I was having a gut feeling that these people should not be trusted but was doubting my gut instincts. Long story short, they are slimy people and a very toxic work environment. The random pull reading Amanda gave me provided me with the confidence and courage to take a step back and open my eyes more to see the true situation. I love sitting in on the group readings, there is always useful advice that can be relevant to something that is coming up for me in my life. 

I am starting to realize that life is full of seasons, some are harder than others, it truly is a game changer having someone in your corner that just wants to help guide you to be a better you and listen to that gut feeling. Amanda is such a caring and genuine person but will tell you the hard truth – in a loving and kind way. I would absolutely recommend Amanda’s Tarot readings, whether it be for clarity on a specific subject or just a fun and insightful time!

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