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Hello, My Gorgeous Sovereign Witches and Wild Women!

I wanted to keep things simple for 2022 and beyond, so if you have found yourself on my homepage and are curious Welcome!

My name is Amanda Hillsdale, and I call myself The Sexual Empowerment Witch. My mission in life is to help women who have experienced sexual trauma, religious percussion, and feel lost in the wild storm of their lives to find healing. 


You can click on my about me section to learn more about my story and how it has shaped the work I am currently doing. Also, to learn more about what it means to be The Sexual Empowerment Witch.


For now, let's shift back to why you are here. 


In life, you have always been the strong friend, the pillar of strength and support in your community. To the outside world, you project power and are ultra independent. You tend to focus on the needs of everyone around you to the point of overstretching and exhaustion.


Something has recently stirred within you, and it bubbles up to the surface. Maybe one of these fits:

  • You walk into a room full of people and are instantly drawn to the pain and sadness you feel on someone, thinking, " I need to help this person."

  • Maybe, something triggered an old memory for you from your childhood, and you were stuck, scared, angry, and lost in pain.

  • Or perhaps you have woken up spirituality. You see or hear spirits talking to you feel like you cannot share this shit with anyone. lol (not laughing at you, more of a nod, I get it!)

  • You have been raised as a motherless daughter. Either by the absence of an emotionally nurturing mother or by a mother who competes with her child.

  • You have religious trauma from family, community, or church. (I'm not knocking any path here, just acknowledging the Shadows and pains we don't talk about enough in life.) 

  • Maybe you've reached a space in life you feel lost or disconnected from yourself. From the person, you used to be, or dare I even say, the person you wanted to be and never was. ( Not a gut punch, just another nod, I see you, I feel you, and I was you at some point.)

If any part of this list resonates with you, we should chat. 


Here is what I have to offer: I teach witchy women how to breathe in their bodies, meditate, and listen to the somatic awareness of their bodies. ( What is somatic awareness? I have a blog post on it, and you can read more about it here.) I also help guide them on the road to radical self-acceptance as they reclaim the words wild, witch, and sexual liberation.

We talk about the moon's phases, energy, spirits, and everything needed to evolve into a blossoming and thriving person.


I have a strong background in sex education, genital armoring, and witchcraft. I talk about Sex Magick, too, teaching how to tap into your body to find healing, raise self-awareness, and manifest the f*ck out of your life. (yes, I am one of those types who will drop an f-bomb too)


The world is a crazy place, and I know a lot of online content clutches their pearls at the idea of sex magick, witches, and witchcraft, assuming the f*cking worst of the worst.


Let's be honest; If you have ever masturbated, been emotionally or physically intimate with yourself or someone else, you've practiced sex magick. ( I have a blog on that subject too, check it out here.) 


You will never hear me say "love and light." I feel that's spiritual bypassing and toxic positivity. You don't know darkness without light, and you cannot have light without some dark.


Now that you have an idea of this work and my energy, if my words here have touched on something, let's connect. 

Here Are My Current Offers

How to Connect With Your Spirit Guides

1:1 Personal Coaching

They are offered in 12-week packages. You can learn more about them at the link below.

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The Coven Membership

This gives you full access to my entire library of Masterclasses & Programs

 ( aside from 1:1 coaching & tarot readings) for one monthly cost.

One Hour Tarot Reading

Book a Tarot Reading

All of my Tarot Readings are cold reads for the first session. I do not wish to know anything about you before we begin.


Single Strategy Session

In this one-hour strategy session, we will uncover the energetic & emotional blocks you are experiencing that are letting you play small in life, love, and your career.

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About Me

You can click on my about me section to learn more about my story and how it has shaped the work I am currently doing. Also, to learn more about what it means to be The Sexual Empowerment Witch.