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I Help Witches Find Healing in Their Shadow Work so They may Reclaim Their Sexual Power.

What is Sex Magick?

Sex Magick is an effective tool utilizing the build-up, climax, and release of sexually charged energy during ritual practice for specific results. Sexual magick is different from "just" sex in that it is used for the express purpose of creating and manifesting, as opposed to sexual pleasure and/or procreation. 

Hi! My name is Amanda Hillsdale, and I am a Sexual Empowerment Witch. I help teach Witches, Woos, and Mystics (Wildlings) who have experienced trauma that keeps them from fullying enjoy sexual pleasure how to reconnect with their spiritual gifts, so they may find sexual healing.

Spiritual, Witchy Woo, Wildlings discover my work online and feel a connection to:

  • They have grown up in fear of religious percussion for stepping into their power and claiming who they are.

  • People who feel disconnected from sexual pleasure during moments of sexual intimacy.

  • Wildlings, as I love to call them, on a pathway of self-discovery. The tiny little rosebuds of potential I see in them needing nourishment and growth just like the roses in my garden.

  • Wildlings looking for a safe space to find education and acceptance. 

  • The fear in the throat chakra & chest to speak your truth, will people think I'm crazy?

Do you feel that tingling sensation as you read this?

Well, my new friend, I am here to tell you, you are NOT ALONE. I have helped hundreds of wildlings just like you.

A Wildling is anyone who feels the "wild call" of my work. It does not require a gender nor pronouns. We all understand the words "Wild Woman", "Wild Man", and "Wild Call" from an intuitive place deep within us. 

Some still have strong hesitation in claiming and using the word witch. So Wilding represents the nonbinding work required to reconnect to what's been broken, lost, and left.

Sex, Relationships & Witchy Work

When clients come to me, they know that I am a soundboard. In my work, I hold a safe space to explore the most challenging conversations for the deepest levels of emotional, sexual, and spiritual trauma. My energy is always the same; I live, breathe, and embodied the mantra, " If your brave enough to ask a direct question, then I must be brave enough to give an honest answer."  I may not always tell you what you want to hear. However, it will be everything you need to hear at the moment.


I do not believe or follow the "Love & Light" Pathway that separates my work from most others in the personal development categories. It means you will learn how to connect with your shadow self profoundly and darkly. You must meet your Shadows and spend time with them. You are honoring self-awareness, acknowledgment, process, and a newfound radical sense of self-love and care. Your Shadows and Your light have spent this journey with you to shape you into the person you've become here with me now reading this. 


It will take a mixture of your shadows and light to heal the innermost essence so you may step into your life's purpose and find sexual bliss again.

What Makes Me Qualified to Help You?

I am a Sexual Empowerment Witch, Certified as a Sexual Health Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Womb Priestess, and EFT & TFT (Emotional Freedom Technique & Thought Field Therapy) Practitioner.

I have spent over a decade building a strong career in Sexual Health, Body Confidence for Women, and Relationship Coaching for Couples. Over the last few years, my work has shifted to an intentional focus on Energy Work, Sex Magick, Body & Breathwork, and Sexual Pleasure. I then realized it was time to start incorporating healthy ritual work on self-care practices using an eclectic variety of holistic healing modalities. This has led to my more in-depth dive into integrating spirituality into my work's more massive body.


As a solitary practitioner of witchcraft and feminine shamanism for over 30 years, It just feels aligned to share this side of myself in my workspace. 

Here is a list of places where my work has been featured:

What I Specialize In

Sex & Relationship


Spiritual Development  - The Sanctuary 

Tarot & Oracle

Psychic / Trance Mediumship


Adult Toy Concierge Service

Salt Soaks & Apothecary Services

Earth Stairways to Spiritual Plane.jpg


My experience with the beautiful Amanda. A stranger meets a stranger and a fire is ignited. But how?

Spiritual connections can be intense and I left her house that night feeling like a had the best therapy session ever.

She listened, guided me through meditation, and never pushed or tried to “lead” me if that makes sense.

I felt I could say anything without judgment and received warmth and insight in return.

She had me hold different stones, which I did feel a connection to a couple.


Weird because I never felt that before, not in the way of literal electricity on my fingertips but that’s what happened.

I had an experience with a room-filling pink light while meditating. I thought she turned a light on so I sprang up to see what it was but there was no light or even a pink decor on the wall.

That light was so beautiful and it engulfed me.


I’ve never experienced anything like that.

I have anxiety and sometimes wonder if I have PTSD. I can shake uncontrollably from within around my upper stomach by my ribs and around to my back. It’s several times a day every day.

After visiting her once, I stopped trembling for a week. My mood was lifted and I had hope again. (I suffer from depression).

Amanda is honest, electric and here to help. I believe she is genuine with her gifts and can help you if you give her a chance.


Lisa Rico / Rico Beauty / Owner


Amanda came into my life unexpectedly as a friend. The first time we hung out it was like meeting up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in ages.

She could sense things about me that I didn’t even know I was experiencing and offered her help.

The first time we did a guided meditation together to try and help me learn how to ground myself before performing energy work during my massage hours.

This opened up something in me that I didn’t recognize and didn’t know what to do with.

Amanda could see it and has been helping me nurture myself into growth.


Between our sessions, I was feeling very confused, lethargic, lonely.

This amazing soul seems to feel when I’m having an off day because she literally contacts me out of nowhere on my worst days. “Come on over, I’ll make a pot of coffee.”


Our last session was a total breakthrough for me.


A thousand pounds of self-doubt, the great of judgment from others, and regrets of the past just washed away as I cried tears of relief and rebirth.

Amanda has helped me find myself, love myself, and grow into the woman I’ve been waiting for my entire life. I am eternally grateful to have her as a coach and a friend.


" I had my first reading ever from Amanda and she's simply amazing. Her heart is bigger than her body.


Her kindness, love, and spirit radiate in every reading and post I've seen.

Talking to her for the first time or even just a first listen to a life you feel how much she loves what she does for others.

My first reading was very emotional because she hit right on the heart of what was going on with me internally.


She helped me realize some very important things about myself.

No matter if you choose her readings or teachings, you will not be disappointed."

- Kimberly S., Wild Woman

"I cannot say enough good things about Amanda Hillsdale with a heart of gold. 

She is such an amazing woman so professional yet beyond loving and friendly. 

Amanda is very honest and open about things and gets down to business.


I highly recommend her and her business."

- Amanda T., Game Changer

I had the most inspiring Tarot reading done with Amanda. She was amazing!

She was spot on and picked up things that amazed me and had me in tears.

Good tears. I definitely recommend her!

- Nikki B.,

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