Why Do Men and Women Experience Low Libido?

Why Do Men and Women Experience Low Libido?

This is a question I am asked often. Unfortunately it has many layers to it. Both sexes suffer from low libido for a multitude of reasons: Stress, Diet, Alcohol, Lack of Sleep, Lack of Sex, Lack of Body Confidence, Weight Gain, depression, Age.

To understand Why, we must first look at the factors we are currently facing in life.With so many strong triggers in life, Here are a few of the common questions I ask about when customer say they feel they Low Libido.

What do your sleeping habits look like?

Are you getting at least 8 hours of sleep during the night?

Do you consume alcohol?

Are you experiencing major stress?

Do you feel you are Depressed?

How do you decompress after a long day?

If you are experiencing any stress or feel like you might be suffering from depression I strongly urge to you speak with a therapist. They have so many great decompression techniques to really help you out.

What does your Diet Look like?

Are you eating healthy foods rich in iron, zinc, calcium, and vitamins A, B, D and E?

What if these are not the the root reasons for Low Libido? What if it is an intimacy issue? In most of the relationships I work with experiencing Low Libido, I have found that its a combination of the above stress plus a lack of intimate contact. Here is the second list of questions to think about:

How often do you compliment your partner?

How often do they complement you back?

How do they respond to your naked body?

How do you respond to your own naked body?

Do you feel emotionally loved in your current relationship?

I read an excellent book awhile back stating Foreplay was a Dirty Word.

This article suggest that foreplay is only used right before sexual intercourse.That couples only connect and seduce each other when they expect to have sexual intercourse. For most women we need much more than a thought about having a quickie to get excited. We need time to warm up and to feel emotionally connected to our partner. We need more than a grouping grab of the ass to excite us. We need to have our senses come alive with excitement so we are able to release the oxytocin, and dopamine into our bodies to trigger orgasms deep within our wombs. We need to be touched, nurtured, loved, and connected to our partners. I have a mixed comment I do see the value in needing foreplay. I think seduction of the mind is the most incredible way to stimulate a partner. I feel Foreplay before sex is still very much a necessity. You don’t just ram it in and hope for the best. Warm up have lubrication and enjoy sex for the stimulation of the body and the mind.

Arousal Creams and Gels are a wonderful product available in today’s market. For the ones I carry, On Arousal Oil is made by senuva has cinnamon and clove has its main ingredients. Cinnamon and Clove help to promote Blood circulation in the area it is applied to. This oil will get WARM on the skin. The reason it gets warm is because its pulling all of the blood cells it can to the 8,000 – 10,000 nerve endings found inside the clitoris.

On ICE Arousal Oil is another sensuva product which has the opposite temperature. By using menthol as the main ingredient. his products turns ice cold when applied to the skin. I Strongly recommend the ICE version for my older ladies experiencing menopause. This product will cool you off while helping your body to hydrate your vaginal canal with your own fluids.

I hope this email has helped to answer some questions you may have had. If not please reach out and let us work on this together to find out an answer for you.



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