30 Ways to Build Intimacy In Your Relationship

30 Ways to
Build Intimacy
In Your Relationship

  1. Touch Each Other Daily- It does not really matter where you touch, just a gentle daily connection.
  2. Take a Shower Together- The concept of being naked and grooming each other’s body is extremely bonding.
  3. Leave them a Post- It Note- Just a small little note somewhere you know they will find it.
  4. Turn Off Your Phones- Plan on turning your phones off for at least tw hours every week.
  5. Sleep Naked Together- The pheromones you release during sleep are intoxicating to your partner.
  6. Share a Sexual Fantasy- Sit down with your Partner and talk about different fantasies you’ve had. Maybe they would be interested
  7. Role Playing you never know if you never ask.
  8. Plan a Manicure/Pedicure/Massage Date- Little self care together goes a long way.
  9. Flirt with Each Other- Release those feel good hormones Flirt be silly laugh together.
  10. Take care of one or more of the Household Chores for your Partner- A little kindness goes a long way after a long day at work.
  11. Send Your Partner Flowers- The aroma of fresh cut flowers are such a sweet treat.
  12. Spontaneous Lunch Date- Go pickup your Partner and randomly find a quick adventure for lunch.
  13. Chocolate Chip Challenge- Practice throwing Chocolate Chips into your Partner’s Mouth.
  14. Update your Intimacy Box- Send them a link for a new Sex Toy you would be willing to tryout.
  15. Side with Your Partner- When a squabble comes up show unity and side with your partner.
  16. Compliment Your Partner – In front of their peers, coworkers, family and friends.
  17. Send Your Partner a Dirty Text Message- Make sure you send a NSFW warning.. Then send them a naughty little text to let them know you’re thinking about them.
  18. Make a Warm meal for your Partner- Make a favorite comfort food just because you care.
  19. Look thru Old Photos Together- Sit back and reflect on the life you both have built together.
  20. Take them on a Special Getaway- Just the two of you to rest and reconnect.
  21. Display a Fun Little Welcome Home Banner- Celebrate their Homecoming.
  22. Lie Down In Bed Together- Share a close space and stare into each other’s eyes for 1 FULL MIN. How do you both feel afterwards?
  23. Pull the Covers Over your Bed in Bed- Have a private conversation under your favorite blanket.
  24. SNUGGLE TIME!!- Watch a movie together on the couch and snuggle up close during the movie.
  25. Make out Like Horny Teenagers again- Come HERE BABY!! Have a Hot and Heavy making session, hot breathe, heavy petting.
  26. French Kiss- Learn & Practice a new technique for Making Out.
  27. Embrace & Hug for 1 FULL MIN DAILY- Again inhale those delicious Pheromones your Partner is putting off.
  28. Laugh together- Find a movie or Comedy Club and share a laugh together.
  29. Greet Your Partner when they Come Home- Make a big deal about them coming home from a long day at work, Tell them how much you missed them.
  30. Be Curious, Ask Questions- What projects are hey working on. Engage in an open line of communication and check in with them daily.
    Create New Memories together- Find an Adventure together.
    Add your own Ideas and keep this list going….


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