Launched in 2017 as a community for the sacred womb space of wild women, endanger of becoming lost in the fire , this site is a special place for all those wanting a deeper level of intimacy in love, & in spirit. A collective of wild women with a fire in their bellies for so much more.

I started my career as a Sex Educator by way of In Home Parties with a direct sales company back in 2010. Each weekend as I would stand before medium sized groups of women (and some men during my co ed parties) I started to realize “something more” was missing. Many of the women I would sit in private checkout with would open up to me about some of the most vulnerable areas of their lives. Topics like

How do I reconnect with my own body after becoming a mother?

How do I find my sexy feminine fire again?

What does it feel like to have an orgasm?

My vagina is broken, I cannot have an orgasm.

Topics about Gential Armouring started to surface more, and as I continued to hold a safe space for these types of conversations, I began to dig even deeper into my own childhood and the road it has taken for me to become the wild woman I am today. Sex is emotional, it is spiritual in the way you exchange energy with your lover.

It is my goal here as I continue in labor of my current energetic pregnancy for my business, to continue healthy sex positive conversations, about sex products and sexual practices in a safe and non judgmental space. As I continue in my labor of love in  growing and evolving I will also be implementing  more language around the topics of sexual magic we women carry in our womb space.

In closing,

Sex Toys are wonderful to opening up conversations and exploring ways of stimulating the body with the different vibration patterns, the textures, the friction. Sex Toys were never created to “Replace” a lover only to assist as we explore new ways of sexual gratification. I will continue to offer In Home Parties, along with Workshops, and One on One Coaching.

If you identify as a woman and wish to connect, I have also created a Women- Only closed facebook group. Please visit the Link below to join in the conversations.



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