Posted by admin on February 3, 2018
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Why Do Men and Women Experience Low Libido? This is a question I am asked often. Unfortunately it has many layers to it. Both sexes suffer from low libido for a multitude of reasons: Stress, Diet, Alcohol, Lack of Sleep, Lack of Sex, Lack of Body Confidence, Weight Gain, depression, Age. To understand Why, we must first look at the factors we are currently facing in life.With so many strong triggers in life, Here are
The Importance of Date Yourself I have a thought provoking question for you today. Do you ever take yourself out on a Date? If you have answered YES kudos to you! If you have answered NO Here is a few reasons why you should pull out your calendar today and make a date with yourself. We as humans are constantly on the move. We always have our phones in our hands and remain connected to